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Lydia Webb, Los Angeles

Astronaut Harrison, Ohio

It's The Tiny Things Blog

It's The Tiny Things Blog

The Bugs Family, North Carolina


Kristina Proffitt


Since joining Osmo Social Club, homeschool mommy blogger, Kristina and family have hosted Play Osmo Insta-Story takeovers, featured blog posts in conjunction with a variety of Osmo product launches, and enjoyed sneak-peek content opportunities.

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Ashley Archibald

"When Osmo reached out inviting me to be part of the Osmo Social Club I was shocked that they found my little blog. It showed me that they are a company who engages with their community and values the voice of people around the country. Since joining the Osmo Social Club community, I’ve had several conversations with friends and family members—and even strangers—about how Osmo products have impacted the way we view healthy screen time. One day I even received a message from a teacher on the other side of the US, asking tips and tricks on how to recreate an activity I did with my children on Masterpiece. It was fun to be able to connect and share ideas with someone I otherwise wouldn’t have met." - Ashley Archibald of https://www.asharchi.com/ 



Astronaut Harrison

"Working with OSMO as a member of the OSMO Social Club has given us access to OSMO products to use in sharing our story of how #astronautharrison explores his everyday world. A recent aspect of our project is to show how astronaut Harrison works past his developmental roadblocks and we are looking forward to sharing the role that Osmo products have played.

Also, we are working with Harrison’s school to arrange a donation of OSMO kits for use in their special education programs." - Aaron Sheldon , Dad of Astronaut Harrison