Los Angeles: Create Beyond The Screen with @dani.by.the.sea

Mommy blogger Dani opened up conversations about healthy screen time, Osmo and how Osmo experiences positively impact the magic of childhood - while having fun!

It takes the iPad to the next level by engaging multiple senses-visual, mental, and physical. My favorite part is the physical as my girls didn’t just push buttons on a screen, but got to move pieces and focus on their fine motor skills by holding the writing pieces. Osmo isn’t just games, it is a learning experience for many ages.
— Shannon VanWagner - from @dani.by.the.sea meet up
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Los Angeles, CA

"Today, this lil Mama carefully DREW this magical fairy masterpiece with Osmo and her confidence came zooming back... just look at that SMILE AND PRIDE!! There is so much more that Osmo can do, and I can’t wait to share some more in the next few days. ❤️ "



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East Coast Moms Take The Big Apple

Hosted by:  http://hereweeread.com/

NYC, New York

A meet up about Osmo as healthy screen time and the importance of reading to your children daily. Read more about our Connecticut based blogger, Here Wee Read's mission here: http://hereweeread.com/ 



Behind The Scenes 

with Fun With The Bugs

"Being in the Osmo Social Club allows us to be part of a community that has a reach to many families and kids that we can have a positive influence on by being able to show them how fun learning is possible through Osmo products...


...While we are able to show others the great products that Osmo offers by being in the Osmo Social Club it also educates us on what Osmo is working on and it gives us ideas on how we ourselves can use their products in our own home that we might not have initially thought about. We also get to spend family time within our own home collaborating ideas about Osmo products and how we can teach others about it."

-Fun With The Bugs YouTube Family

photo credit @dani.by.the.sea

photo credit @dani.by.the.sea